Motion security lights have come a long way in the last decade, especially as they gain smart features that expand the ways you can incorporate them into your home’s smart technology ecosystem. Jasco, a long time player in the smart home products space (mostly known for making product for the popular GE ZWave Light switches) has been making motion activated security lights for a while now but they have come out with a big impovement in 2021 by launching a line of Smart Wifi LED security lights at Lowes in the United States under the Enbrighten brand name.

To get an idea on how good the product is and how easy it was to install check out our video below from the DIY Around the Home YouTUbe channel. If you are interested in picking up one of these lights check at the links below the video as well along with a variety of helpful bits of related information.

This exact light and model can be found here.

Enbrighten Jasco Manufacturer Install and set up video – especially thorough regarding the app and what you can do with it.

Enbrighten LED Wifi Smart Security Lights from Amazon, check them out here.

Sign up for Jasco (parent company of Enbrighten) evaluation program to beta test product.

Note: other products within the same product line (different color or fewer lights like 2 heads or 1 heads vs the 3 heads mine has) can be found here.